Design attitude: understand the origin of the idea and follow the designer’s
style choices thanks to the capability of our co-design department, able to analyse
and solve any construction problem in order to give the right form and substance to
your creativity. We work alongside you in order to develop all your designs or create
a new one, also basing on the designer’s simple creative sketch.


In our prototyping craft workshop the customer can get
an actual feel of the design outcome in order to check on
production solutions and make any changes on a real model.


Every architect and designer can work alongside Emanuele
Mariotto artisans to follow personally the phases of
development of the prototype so as to act on every detail
and optimise the solutions to be adopted during production.

New automated island for cutting skins

The project planned by EMANUELE MARIOTTO SRL relates to the installation
on company premises in Brugnera (Pordenone) of a digital high-yield cutter
for detecting the outline and the surface defects of processed skins, in order
to then proceed with mapping and cutting shapes, according to a nesting process
which minimises scrap and makes best use of the material being processed.

Project co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund
of the Regional Operational Programme of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
ERDF ROP planning 2014-2020.

Funding granted: 104,699.30 euro
Spending allowance: 260,165 euro

The project is backed by funding of 104,699.30 euro from Friuli Venezia Giulia
autonomous region, ROP ERDF Republic of Italy, European Union
notice of all ROP ERDF 2014-2020 Activity 2.3.A1 DER. No. 1898/2016.