Design attitude: understand the origin of the idea and follow the designer’s style
choices thanks to the capability of our co-design department, able to analyse and solve
any construction problem in order to give the right form and substance to your creativity.
We work alongside you in order to develop all your designs or to create a new one, also
basing on the designer’s simple creative sketch.


Our passion and our experience guide us in selecting
quality and innovative materials and fabrics on the
market via strictly aesthetic and technological
assessments. An ongoing joint project with producers
who can try out their own textiles with us thanks to
the consolidated know-how of the Emanuele Mariotto
upholstery workshop.


Solving construction problems as early as the design
stage in order to optimise the result is the mission of
the Emanuele Mariotto co-design department.
A design researched in detail means perfecting
management of raw materials, costs and production times.


The Emanuele Mariotto design department is in direct
contact with the prototyping workshop and the production
area for an exchange of views in real time on the
feasibility of every solution. This allows “the
industrialisation of ideas”, making all your designs
real and easy to reproduce as early as the design stage.

Interconnect the production chain from an Industry 4.0 perspective

The project that EMANUELE MARIOTTO SRL intends to carry out concerns
in the first instance, the introduction of an innovative IT infrastructure into the company,
capable of interconnecting customer management systems with existing management systems in the company.
The second part will instead implement the internal management of a control on 'times and methods'
which will facilitate and rationalize the monitoring of all incoming and outgoing information.

Funding granted: € 23,682.85
Admitted expenditure: € 47,365.70

The project is supported by the funding of 23,682.85 from the Autonomous Region of
Friuli Venezia Giulia, POR FESR Italian Republic, European Union
call POR FESR 2014-2020 Activities 2.3.b - Call 23b1 bis.

New automated island for cutting skins

The project planned by EMANUELE MARIOTTO SRL relates to the installation
on company premises in Brugnera (Pordenone) of a digital high-yield cutter
for detecting the outline and the surface defects of processed skins, in order
to then proceed with mapping and cutting shapes, according to a nesting process
which minimises scrap and makes best use of the material being processed.

Project co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund
of the Regional Operational Programme of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
ERDF ROP planning 2014-2020.

Funding granted: 104,699.30 euro
Spending allowance: 260,165 euro

The project is backed by funding of 104,699.30 euro from Friuli Venezia Giulia
autonomous region, ROP ERDF Republic of Italy, European Union
notice of all ROP ERDF 2014-2020 Activity 2.3.A1 DER. No. 1898/2016.

Integration with the client of artisanal activity 4.0

This project aims to connect the production system of EMANUELE MARIOTTO with its customers using software applications for:

  • Automatic import of Customer Orders with the configuration dedicated to each individual Customer.
  • Computer-assisted production planning to minimize costs and maximize productivity.
  • Computer application for the assisted management of the finished product warehouse using touch-screen barcode readers, automatic generation of shipping documents, display of order progress available online.
  • Reorganization and advanced management of the entire Customer Portfolio.
  • Adaptation of the website to the new Customer communication requirements.

Two new technical resources dedicated to order scheduling and management are expected to be hired.